Beck's Nursery only uses Caste Lighting for their jobs and our own personal homes. Caste Lighting offers unmatched value in product quality. • Highest quality for a reasonable price. CAST solid bronze low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures are the industry's most durable, reliable and highest performing products. • Solid sand-cast bronze. Solid bronze is the ideal metal for landscape lighting. It is impervious to corrosion, won't crack, break or peel; and weathers naturally to a beautiful patina. • Marine-grade wire and corrosion-resistant components. CAST products are made to withstand the worst that nature has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CAST Lighting fixtures withstand abuse from lawn mowers, children and dogs?

CAST lighting fixtures are practically indestructible: Lighting fixtures available through big box stores and from many other manufacturers are easily broken or bent. CAST fixtures are constructed of solid bronze or heavy gauge copper.

Will CAST Lighting fixtures fail to light or become dimmer over time?

The interior components of CAST fixtures and power supplies are highly resistant to corrosion: Through use of stainless steel and tin-coated copper, all CAST components are engineered to withstand the most corrosive environments. A properly installed CAST lighting system will continue to function perfectly for decades to come.

Will the coating or finish of the CAST Lighting fixtures chip or peel?

CAST lighting fixtures are not coated or painted: All CAST fixtures are either solid bronze or copper - neither type has any coating, just the bare metal that weathers naturally to a beautiful patina.

Does CAST Lighting make decorative fixtures?

CAST lighting fixtures are simply beautiful: Many manufacturers offer a large number of primarily decorative lighting fixtures. These fixtures tend to be fragile and easily broken. CAST offers a limited number of fixture designs but every one of them is a no-nonsense design meant to blend naturally into the landscape. By keeping our designs simple, we are able to produce lights that are rugged and that will continue to perform for years to come.

Will I be able to replace bulbs myself?

Bulb (lamp) replacement and other service tasks are easy with CAST: CAST Lighting fixtures and power supplies are simple to maintain and service.