The difference: Water-based sealers tend to be more environmentally friendly than solvent-based sealers. Water-based sealers have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds that harm the ozone), tend to be more forgiving in application and how they wear, and tend to have a mild odor when being applied, which is less irritating to the applicator and homeowner.


Pavers, and other hardscape surfaces, can be beautiful, but all will be subject to conditions that may mar that beauty. Protecting your hardscapes with quality sealers can inhibit fading, make maintenance much easier, stabilize the sand joints, protect the hardscape and grouted joints from stains – all generally making your hardscape a more beautiful and livable space.

Mold and Weed Growth:

The sealers will slow down the mold process and make it easier to clean from surface. The color-enhancing sealers stabilize the joints and make it harder for seeds to take hold. No sealer can fully prevent weeds from any surface.